Learn How To Smoke Marijuana

Marijuana cigarettes should be made legal if people learn how to use them properly. Consider this a guide. Dope is vibey, groovy, and thought-provoking.

There are 3 main dopaminergic systems in the body. When a blunt is smoked, the neurons take into full effect. The mind, the body, and the emotions are all stimulated. Each of these elements has its own system. Cognition, physical movement, and feeling are all part of human physiology.

When a blunt is smoked, sometimes people dance. When a blunt is smoked, sometimes people relay thoughts. When a blunt is smoked, sometimes people just feel it. How does the body take control over this triad of literal and figurative options?

The part of your body that is responsible for thinking is called the mesocortical. It is a dopaminergic system. When the reefer is inhaled, this system may be activated. This is where all those great ideas come from.

The part of your body that is responsible for emoting, or feeling, is called the mesolimbic. This is also a dopaminergic system. When the reefer is inhaled, it might be activated. It is responsible for sensitivity, the vibe, and figuratively nirvana.

On the surface is a system called the nigrostriatal. The nigrostriatal is also a dopaminergic system. When the reefer is inhaled, it may be activated. It is responsible for people doing crazy things when they are high.

How do you get the most out of your reefer? How do you maintain sanity knowing that there are essentially 3 different universes all interacting within your body as you inhale the doobie? Rule #1: think about nothing! Let it flow, let the body be overcome with joy, and get funky… not to a dangerous point though I might add.

The best way to enjoy your reefer is to feel it. Lots of people get hung up about thinking. They come up with crazy freakin’ ideas. Some of them are rather good. Some of them are the greatest ideas of all time. However, sometimes people can get lost in those ideas. They rattle a person’s sense of focus. Be prepared to live in an excruciating amount of pain if you decide to live in one of them. Just because you think you are a genius, does not mean that the rest of the world does, and they will eat you and your mind-blowing thoughts alive. My advice if you are a weed smoker and you are a thinker is to focus on one or two of your ideas and develop them to a point where other people also will consider you a genius.

How do you get those great ideas? Rule #2: follow the vibe. Feel your reefer. Get into the mesolimbic. Empty the body and feel the sensation of dope. It could be paralyzing. Feeling the reefer is the best way to maintain a safe relationship between you and your drugs. Often, it will put you to sleep because it is so strong. By all means, though, let it be if that is your ultimate desire.

Sometimes that vibe will take you into dangerous territory. Rule #3: let the vibe affect you physically but not to a point where you get yourself into danger. This is one of the major problems with marijuana use and why it is currently illegal People get so freakin’ high that it leaves their feelings, leaves their thoughts, and becomes materialized in the legitimate world. Materializing your vibe in the legitimate world is not a bad thing, but just make sure you are not putting yourself in danger. Flying off the roof of your house is not an option that will give you the opportunity to smoke reefer regularly. Becoming an experienced smoker is very important. Becoming a wise smoker is very important. It’s a lot like alcohol. People should learn to use it responsibly.

Pompous, huh? Relax the neck. Think about what you have just done. Mesolympic, nigrostriatal, mesocortical; in that order. Feel, move, think. This should be the order in which you operate when consuming dopaminergic stimulants like a marijuana cigarette. Feel it, feel high; this is boring. Move to it; flip the tongue up and down. Think about what you are doing. That was kind of weird but it may look good in a dance video. Balance.

How do you explain to somebody that there are at least 3 legitimate things going on in their body at the same time? I feel dumb for trying to explain this. I am quite happy because I am sitting in my favorite chair, and as I come to think about it, this could really be influential in bringing awareness to the fight for legalizing marijuana. Why? Because this is sort of an instructional account.

The wrong people are not going to be getting this. Shake it. People who smoke dope know what I am talking about, right? This is for people who don’t smoke dope or are thinking about getting into it. And come to think about it, some people who have been smoking for a long time still don’t have this information.

One last time. Mesolympic: feel your dope. Nigrostriatal: move to your dope. Mesocortical: think about your dope. Feel, move, think. These are the 3 physiological systems that operate in your body on the currency dope. Dope is the transmitter. It is the currency that processes information throughout your body. It happens at 3 distinct levels. Feelings or emotions, physical movement, and cognitive thought. With that much going on it becomes difficult sometimes to maintain order.

If you are getting to a point where you are about to break, the first thing you need to do is stop whatever you are doing. Just freeze. Don’t do it in mid-air. Don’t do it underwater, and don’t do it while standing on top of a fire. Do it when your body is stable.

The next thing you should do if you are about to break stops thinking. Relax your mind. Then, feel the breath go in and out of your body. Feel it again. Move to it, safely. Relax your neck. Look around. Don’t think yet! Sit in this comfortable state of numbness, this comfortable state of nirvana until you have fallen asleep, decide that you are hungry, or have to go to the bathroom.

In order to smoke reefer responsibly you have to be able to avoid the craze. Cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Keep yourself safe but enjoy what the sensation has to offer. Do not get lost in love, do not get lost in your brilliant ideas unless you are committed, and do not put yourself in harm’s way physically.

If people can learn how to smoke their reefer effectively, safely, and without supervision, then there is no reason it should not be legalized. The trick is to educate ourselves. Learn how to be responsible. Don’t demonize it. Demonizing reefer is the cheap way out. It’s the scaredy cats’ way out. It’s the way out for people who fail to understand its powers because they don’t understand how to use it effectively. They are inexperienced with the substance. Becoming experienced with it can lead to great things. People should have that right.

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